Portuguese Explorers, Navigators and Conquistadores
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  • Alfonso de Abreu
    Led some expeditions in Indonesia. One of the first Europeans to land on what is today East Timor. East Nusa Tenggara was discovered by De Abreu. Source: www.nusa-tenggara.com/east/html/history.html
  • Alfonso d'Albuquerque
    Also known as Afonso de Albuquerque, Afonso d'Albuquerque. Born in Alhandra near Lisbon in 1453. Portuguese explorer he helped expand the Portuguese empire (Malabar 1510, Ceylon, and Malacca 1511). He was also the governor of India. He died in Goa in 1515. (Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Alvaro Martins (Homem)
    He rounded the Cape of Good Hope with Bartholomeu Dias. He also explored Greenland and the Canadian east coast in 1472. (Source Wikipedia)
  • Antonio Da Noli
    "The name is known much thanks to Antonio da Noli (1415 - 1497), the Genoa-born captain who due to his political stand was forced from Italy to exile in Portugal, where King Federico El Navegante entrusted him the exploring of his ultra mar. Afterwards, King Federico made Antonio Noli the first governor of Cape Verde - territory which Noli discovered himself, in 1460." (Quote from the webpage of Prof. Marcello Ferrada-Noli)
  • Antão Gonçalves
    Portuguese explorer, first European to take African Slaves. (Source Wikipedia)
  • Bartholomeu Dias (de Novaes)
    Also known as Bartholomew Diaz or Dias Born in Algarve circa 1450. He was the first to discover the Cape of Good Hope. First to go around Africa, died at sea by the Cape of Good Hope in 1500. (Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Cadamosto
    Born in Venice circa 1432?. Italian explorer recognized for his Portuguese service to West Africa. He made the first known discovery of Cape Verde Islands, died in Venice in 1477. (The 1911 Encyclopedia)
  • Cristovão de Mendonça
    Portuguese explorer widely believed to be the first European to sight Australia 200 years before captain Cook. (Source member.melbpc.org.au)
  • D.Lourenço d’Almeida
    Probably the first Europeen to visit Ceylon. He was the son of the first viceroy of India, Francisco de Almeida. D.Lourenço died in Chaul India. (Source Encyclopedia Brittanica)
  • Diogo Cão
    First European to visit Congo and the river of the same name source. On a second voyage in 1485 he went as far as what is known today as Namibia. (Source http://www.win.tue.nl/cs/fm/engels/discovery/africa.html.)
  • Diogo de Azambuja
    Led an expedition to Guinea in 1481. (Source Wikipedia)
  • Diogo Gomes de Sintra
    Sighted for the first time the Selvagens Islands by Madeira Island. (Source Wikipedia) He also wrote a book of the discoveries of Guinea which became a classic.
  • Dinas Dias
    Portuguese explorer he visited the Senegal River and discovered Cape Verde in 1444. (Catholic Encyclopedia: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/07239a.htm)
  • Duarte Fernandes
    Portuguese explorer and diplomat. He was first European to set foot in Thailand. (Source http://www.portugal-linha.pt/legado/voriente/psiao.html)
  • Duarte Galvão
    Portuguese ambassador at Kamaran. His name is mentioned in the article of Francisco Alvarez (Source Wikipedia)
  • Estevão da Gama
    Portuguese Captain. He was governor of Malaka (1536) and Goa (1540). He went also as far as Suez, died in 1575 after refusing to be converted to Islam. He was the son of Vasco da Gama. (Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Fernão da Poo
    Discovered the Island that bears his name, Fernando Poo, in 1472. This Island is called Bioko today formerly Macias Nguema Biyogo. (Source Answers.com)
  • Fernão Magalhães (Portuguese)
    Also known as Ferdinand Magellan and Magallanes (Spanish version) Navigator and explorer. He was born in Sabrosa in the province of Tras-os-Montes, Portugal. He did many voyages as a sailor for the monarchs of Portugal before he was hired to lead an armada in 1519, for the king of Spain, to find a shorter route to India through the west. He started the first trip around the world. Through sheer courage and strenght of character he overcame many rebellions of his crew. He reached, in 1521, as far as the Philippines before being killed by the Mactan tribe who rejected his forced evangelism upon them.
  • Fernão Pires de Andrade
    Explorer and ambassador. He visited the city of Canton in China in 1517 and started commercial exchanges with this country. He was the first European to do so. He died prison in 1921 in China. (Source Stefan and Dave, http://www.blogthetalk.com/2005/08/first-official-contact-between-china.html)
  • Francisco de Almeida
    Born in Lisbon in c. 1450. Portuguese Conquistador and admiral. He helped expand the Portuguese territorial possessions around the Indian Ocean. He established Portuguese supremacy in India. He was also the first governor of India. He died in Saldanha, South Africa in 1510. (Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Francisco Alvares
    Born in Coimbra in 1465 Portuguese missionary and explorer. He was one of the first Europeans to visit Ethiopia. He was send to by King Manuel as an embassador. He wrote the first document in Europe about this part of the world. (Source Wikipedia)
  • Francisco Rodrigues
  • He was one of the first 2 Portuguese to go around the world in the armada of Fernão de Magelhães. He was one of the 18 survivors aboard the Trinidad. The first ship to circumnavigate the world in 1522. He lived in Seville.
  • Henry the Navigator
    Born in Porto in 1394 . Portuguese Prince he founded the Sagres School of navigation. From these premises he taught the many famous future explorers in the skills of navigation. He helped organize and finance the voyages that led to many discoveries such as the circling of the African continent and the establishment of the sea routes to India. He died in Sagres, Portugal in 1460.(Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Gaspar Corte-Real
    Famous for their voyages in North America and especially Newfoundland. He died in 1502? (Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Gil Eanes
    Born in Lagos Algarve. Tutored and Ecouraged by Prince Henri the Navigator, Eanes became the first explorer in 1434 to pass the dreaded cap Bojador in Africa. As a result, he became very famous and set the way for Portugal in the ages of Discovery. (PORTUGAL - DICIONÁRIO HISTÓRICO)
  • Goncalo Velho
    Portuguese Navigator he was credited in colonizing the Azores Islands around the year 1431. (Source http://www.destinazores.com/history.php)
  • João Alfonso de Aveiro
    Born in Aveiro. He was the first European to visit the region of Benin in Nigeria. He helped to build a fort in Mina: he never came back to Portugal. He died in the region. He was also credited as one of the discoverers of the Newfoundland fisheries. (Source http://www.diafrica.org/nigeriaop/kenny/DH06.htm and www.bartleby.com/65/av/Aveiro.html)
  • João da Nova
    He discovered Ascençion in 1501 and Saint-Helena in 1502. Another island on the Indian Ocean was named after him. He died in Cochin India in 1509. (Source Wikipedia)
  • João Grego
    A companion of Bartholomeu Dias during the circling of the Cape of Good Hope in 1488. (Source Catholic Encyclopedia)
  • João Alvares Fagundes
    He was from Viana in the north of Portugal. He is believed to be one of the first Europeans to establish a colony in Canada, most likely around Mira Bay or in Ingonish Cape Breton , Nova Scotia around 1520. There is a monument on his honor in Halifax, Canada. (Source The monument to Joao Alvares Fagundes http://www.multiculturaltrails.ca/level_3/number212.html)
  • João Fernandes Lavrador
    He was a small land owner born on the island of Terçeira Azores. He was one of the first Europeans to sight Greenland and Labrador around the year 1500. The Labrador Territory was probably named after him. (Source http://www.heritage.nf.ca/exploration/portuguese.html)
  • João Gonçalves Zarco
    He discovered or most probably rediscovered the Islands of Madeira in 1418. (Source Book rags.com)
  • João Infante
    Accompanied Bartolomeu Dias in his journey around the Cape of Good Hope in 1487/1488. (Source Answers.com)
  • João Vaz Corte-Real
    Portuguese explorer. Widely recognized as the one who rediscovered, after the Vikings, the Terra do Bacalhau or Newfoundland in the 1470's. He was the father of all the other Corte Real's who did extensive traveling in the Northeast of North America. (Wikipedia)
  • Jorge Alvares
    He was the first Portuguese and one of the first Europeans to establish commercial exchanges with Southern China, in Canton. He became sick and he died on the 8 of July 1521. (Source Who was who in the establishment of the Portuguese India Route, url: http://nautarch.tamu.edu/shiplab/projects%20ir%203004%20jalvaresi.htm)
  • Lopo Soares de Albergaria
    Born probably in Albergaria district of Aveiro. He led an armada in Ceylon in 1518 . He was the first European to try to settle Sri Lanka, he build a fort there. He was the Governor of Goa in from 1515 to 1518. (Source DUTCH PORTUGUESE COLONIAL HISTORY http://www.colonialvoyage.com/Ribeiro.html)
  • Luis Pires
    He accompanied Pedro Cabral on his first trip to Brazil.(Source Wikipedia)
  • Luis Vaz de Torres
    Portuguese navigator and explorer. He discovered with Queiros the island of Espirit Santo, went through the strait that bears his name (1606), the Torres Strait in Australia. He also visited New Guinea. He went to the Philippines and probably lived there for the rest of his life and also died there. (Source http://www.win.tue.nl/~engels/discovery/torres.html)
  • Manol Pereira
  • He was hired in Brazil to be a sailor in the armada of Captain Cook during the English captain's first trip between 1768-1771. He was probably the first recorded Portuguese to sight Botany Bay which is today Sydney, Australia. He died on February 27, 1771 before reaching the African Coast. (Source about his death: http://www.winthrop.dk/ccsu63.html)
  • Martin Behaim
    Born in Nuremburg Germany in 1459 and died in Lisbon in 1507. He was a navigator and Cartographer in the service of Portugal he accompanied Diogo Cão on his first trips. He is also famous for making the first globe, the oldest ever found. (Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Martim Afonso de Sousa
    Born in 1500? in the town of Vila Viçosa and died in 1564 in Lisbon. Portuguese navigator and colonial administrator, He helped establish some of the first colonies in Brazil one of them was the future city of Sao Paulo. He also was responsible for the conquest of Diu in the Indian Ocean. (PORTUGAL - DICIONÁRIO HISTÓRICO)
  • Miguel Corte-Real
    Born in 1450: He was in charge of a relief mission to try to find his brother who had disappeared during a trip to Newfoundland and Labrador.(Source http://collections.ic.gc.ca/placentia/miguel.htm)
  • Nicolau Coelho
    He accompanied Vasco da Gama in his discovery to the route to India and he was also a commander on the expedition of Pedro Alvares Cabral to Brazil (Source Wikipedia)
  • Nuno Alvares Pereira
    Born in 1360 in Bom Jardim near Lisbon. He was a commander of an army who defeated the Spaniards in the battle of Aljubarrota. As a result he became a famous Portuguese hero. (Source Blessed Nuno Alvares Pereira, November 6 Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira http://www.traditioninaction.org/SOD/j045sdNuno11-6.htm)
  • Nuno da Cunha
    Nuno da Cunha, 1487–1539, was governor of India and captured Diu. By doing so It helped expand the Portuguese empire in the orient. (Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Paula da Gama
    Older brother of Vasco and son of Estavão. He was in the first trip to India, commanding the ship Sao Rafael. He died at Angra do Heroismo in 1499 after falling sick at sea. (Source Wikipedia)
  • Nuno Tristão
    He explored the west coast of Africa. He was credited for discovering Cape Blanc, Arguin and the Gambia River and what is known today as Guinea Bissau. He explored also the regions of the Sahara. He was also one of the first Europeans to engage himself in the slave trade. He died At the Rio de Oro, 1447. (Source http://www.africanculture.dk/gambia/demogrph/ras_1.htm) and (Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Paulo Dias de Novais
    He was the grandson of Bartholomeu Dias, he helped colonized what is known today as Angola (reference.com)
  • Pedro Alvares Cabral
    Born in Belmonte circa 1460. Explorer and Navigator he discovered Brazil in 1500, he called it Terra de Santa Cruz. He also visited India and he signed a trading treaty with the Prince of Cochin in 1502 he died near Santarem in 1526.(Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Pedro Teixeira
    Born in Cantanhede, Portugal: He was the first European to travel the Amazone River. He reached as far as Quito. (Source Fact Monster http://www.factmonster.com/ce6/people/A0848062.html)
  • Pero de Alenquer
    He accompanied Bartholomeu Dias in his first trip around the Cape of Good hope. He wrote an account of the first voyage of Vasco da Gama. (Wikipedia)
  • Pero de Barçelos
    Explored North America with João Fernandes Lavrador between 1491 and 1494. (Source http://portugal.biography.ms/)
  • Pero de Covilha
    Born in Covilha. He was sent by the king of Portugal to sign treaties of friendship with the king of Fez and Temclen. He was also sent to find a road by land to Egypt, Ethiopia and India. (Source Reference.com http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Pero_da_Covilh%E3
  • Pero Dias
    He was the brother of Bartholomeu Dias. He commended one of his ships when he rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1486. (Catholic Encyclopedia)
  • Pero Vaz de Caminha
    Born in 1437 in Porto. He was the first one to write a very detailed account about Brazil to the King of Portugal. He was on the fleet of Pedro Cabral during the discovery of Brazil. He died in Calcutta in 1500(Source Projecto Vecial http://web.ipn.pt/literatura/caminha.htm)
  • Tristão da Cunha
    Born near 1460. Discovered the island that bears his name and sighted Madagascar. He explored the coast of Somalia, Socotora and Ormuz and also participated in the conquest of India, died at sea circa 1540. (Petit Robert 2,1986)
  • Tristão Vaz Teixeira
    One of the three explorers to have possibly rediscovered officialy Madeira Island in 1419. The Islands of Porto Santo and Madeira were divided between João Gonçalves Zarco (1450) and Bartolomeu Perestrelo (1446). (Source Historia, http://www.uc.pt/iej/alunos/1998-99/madeira/historia.htm)
  • Vasco da Gama
    Born in Sines around 1469, Alentejo, Portugal. He discovered the route to India by the Cape of Good Hope. He died in Cochin, India in 1524. He also established trading posts in Sofala and Mozambique. (Petit Robert 2,1986) Li>Vasco Gomes Gallego
  • He was one of the first 2 Portuguese to go around the world in the armada of Fernao de Magelhaes. He was a grumete in the boat. He was one of the 18 survivors aboard the Trinidad. It was the first ship to circumnavigate the world in 1522.
Over the Edge of the World: Magellan's Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe

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