Wapiabi Cave

My two friends and I visited the cave by Nordegg, Alberta during the Thanksgiving weekend in 2004. From the parking lot, it's about a 2 hour hike to the cave. Before the hike, I was worried about the weather. I was concerned about being caught in a storm. The visibility was not great and  there was snow on the ground. I worried about the trail being slippery. There are some steep sections and sometimes you have to walk on ledges. If you are really careful, you should not have any problems.
     Once you reach the cave you are rewarded with incredible vistas. To get inside you need to descend down a long and steep section, we did not use ropes but they maybe helpful.
     Once inside the cave we spotted some type of animal, I think it was a pika. We also saw some bats and some fossils.
    Since we did not have a guide or a map we did not feel like venturing too far into this 500 meter long cave. We probably walked and crawled about 150 meters. It gave us enough time to admire some of the special features of the cave.
      There are guided tours if you do not feel comfortable going by yourself.
Overall, this was a great adventure and I can not wait to go back next year.(the cave will be close untill spring 2006)

By Fernando Candido
Getting ready for the hike.
Ward and myself enjoying the view.
Hiking the steepest part of the trail. We named it the wall.
Francois' first trip in a cave. He was hooked.
Vistas from the entrance of the cave
Standing  by the entrance of the cave
Ready to go to the bowels of the earth
The reward at the end of the day, turkey, family and good friends. .
Practising my rappelling skills.