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Our Visit to Carvalho Beach, Algarve Portugal (Pictures)

We spent an amazing afternoon on this little beach that we found by coincidence, but the quality of beaches in Algarve is not a matter of luck. We left the Rocha Brava Resort near Carvoeiro and we decided it will be great to go for an hike by following the cliffs with the views of the sea on the west. We were not disappointed. We had incredible scenery and much more. There were also sink holes sort of looking like a well, you could see the waves below crashing back and forth. It was sort of freaky you do not want to walk at night around there even if some of the natural wells have been protected with wood railing to stop people from falling in.

The weather, It was probably in the low twenties but the small beach was between two cliffs and it seemed the sun and the heat stayed trapped. It felt much warmer but not that overwhelming heat of the summer. I had a fun time in the water I wished my family had joined me. There was people fishing on the cliffs a false step and it was probably sure death. Girls liked to walked on the cliffs and visit the caves. Enjoy the pictures.

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Nadia near Cabo Carvoeiro the lighthouse in the background

There are a lot of small coves in this area

You can see the Alfanzina lighthouse far away

The girls admiring the coast of Algarve

This area since 2010 is part of the Seven Hanging Valley trail

Another shot of the Algarve coast and the Farol of Alfanzina

Blue and green met with the gold cliffs...spectacular

Carvalho Beach seen from a distance

Tunnels are build through the rock to access the beach

Nadia and the sands of Carvalho Beach and abandonned boat

Isabelle hiding on the cracks

The brave girls walking on the edge of the carved rocky cliffs

The cliffs of the beach are a joy for the kids

Relieved to see the girls come down safely

The girls on the abandonned craft

Nadia standing probably in a shelter made by fisherman

In winter the beach is pretty quiet...water warm enough for a Canadian (25 celcius)

No fear of heights
The sheltered beach was really confortable in winter enough to swim (for me anyway)

The girls in the tunnel which leads to the sandy beach

Tara and the girls on the Seven Hanging Valley Trail established in 2010

The girls enjoyed to discover all the corners of the " Praia do Carvalho"

Can you spot the fisherman on the edge of the cliff

The waves break hard on the shore and they pull you careful

Strong line is needed to bring your fish in

Isabelle hiding in one of the manmade holes

Great family time, this beach was a nice discovery

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