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Our Trip to Monaco

I went to glamorous Monaco in 2003 with my daughter Nadia after following the Italian Riviera. Monaco has 30 000 people squeezed in 1.95 square kilometers. We took some pictures above the highway before we went down on the winding road.

I wanted to stop more often but I was paralyzed with fear of being rammed from behind because of so many hidden curves.

I finally made my way down the elegant streets filled with expensive boutiques. I was looking for a place to park but cars were bumper to bumper. I finally reached the port with yachts more expensive than my own house. The palace and casino were also interesting sights.

I wanted to get out but I was having a hard time to find parking. I finally decided to leave unfortunately, I took the wrong road and found myself lost.

If you want to park go to the Oceanographic Museum. There is room for bus and apparently 750 cars. Don't do like I did and make sure where the parking is or you will end up leaving without visiting anything.

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Nadia with Monaco in the background

Nadia's collection of toys that she had to carry everywhere even in Monaco

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A spectacular view of Monaco
A spectacular view of Monaco

Lady Marina, Moneikos and Lionheart at Monaco
Lady Marina, Moneikos and Lionheart at Monaco