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Our Trip to Margarita, Venezuela

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We are having a lunch in PorlamarI went to Venezuela in January of 1997 when our cruise boat stopped on the island of Margarita. From far away we could see the peninsula of Araya and the mainland of Venezuela and the great continent of South America. We stopped at the port Punta de Piedras and we went to the capital of Porlamar. This island still belongs to Venezuela.

On our way in the city we saw a lot of cars that were all banged up. One of them had no doors and another one was a homemade convertible. They had simply pulled the top off. We went to the beach in Porlamar.

We had a great lunch facing the bay of Guaraguao, I had some red fish and a Polar, the national beer of the country. It was a good sandy beach but the sand was not as clean or beautiful as we had seen in other islands. This was definitively not one of the best beaches of the island but it was more than suitable for a swim, after all, even an ordinary beach in the Caribbean is more than enough for me.

We bought a real pearl necklace for Tara. We were a little bit bothered by salesmen walking around but not as much as we were in Grenada. They seemed to have less of them in this island.

Later on we took a cab back to the cruise; it was sad to see the amount of garbage all over the place on our way to the airport. Margarita looked almost like a desert there are very high cactis spread all over the place. Margarita has also some very nice hills.

By the port many people were looking for crabs and clams. One guy who was fishing with a net and he had about 25 small fish. It was nice to walk in the shallow water and see people fishing.

We went to the cruise and we made our way to Curacao after spending a fine day there.

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