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Pictures of Alfeld, Bavaria, Germany

We came to the village of Alfeld in Bavaria in Germany after we left the airport of Frankfurt we drove for awhile. I wanted to stay in a typical Bavarian village. We were very tired because we had flown all night from Edmonton, Canada. We stopped in a few places before but they were too expensive or the town was too big an unappealing. Alfeld is located thirty km east of Nuremburg.

We stayed in an hotel right on main street by the church. The man told us it was 43 euros but the lady charged us more. Ithink it was a mistake. No use to try to explain her. She could not speak english and I could not speak german good enough to explain it to her. If I recall correctly the breakfast was included. We also went to the village bakery. They had excellent pastries.

On our way out we stopped at the truck-stop to buy gaz and I also bought a book with maps. I did not want to get lost like I did in Nuremburg anymore. I found easily my way out of town and we went to the Czech Republic.

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Alfeld in Bavaria
Alfeld in Bavaria (Picture

Town of Alfeld in Bavaria, Germany
Town of Alfeld in Bavaria, Germany (picture tourism office)

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Riverside,Linker Regnitzarm,Bamberg
Riverside,Linker Regnitzarm,Bamberg


Segringer Gate, Dinkelsbuehl, Bavaria, Germany
Segringer Gate, Dinkelsbuehl, Bavaria, Germany

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