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Our Trip to Germany (2006)

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We flew to Frankfurt from Canada. Our main destination was the Republic Czech. We had to buy extra insurance for the rental of the car, about $50.00 to go there. Some people had told me in the plane that our car would not have air conditioning but to my greatest joy they were wrong. There was a heat wave and it was a great necessity.

I was extremely nervous when I came out the airport. The cars were flying by me at incredible speeds on the German Autobahn. I was really tense holding to the steering wheel.

My first need was food and sleep. We were up most of the night. On our way out of Frankfurt we found a little village and we stopped to get money and to have a lunch.

The little Bavarian village was really pretty. We went to a deli and we bought a pork ankle of ham. It was good. One thing I appreciated was the kindness of the people. Every store we went they offered candies or other things to Isabelle... for free of course. I wish that I had memorized the name of the village.

We stopped by the side of the road to get some rest but every time I shut off the car it became like a furnace inside. Isabelle would start complaining. I desperately needed some sleep.

The first major town we went to was Nuremburg ,unfortunately we did not have a map and we got lost. We wanted the highway number six and the E50 which leads us towards the Czech Republic and all the way to Prague. We did not have any intentions to stop in Nuremburgh. We were extremely tired from the trip had jet lag and it was really hot, around 40 Celsius. I stopped to look at a map to find my way out. I knew the highway that I needed but I did not know how to get there. I wanted to rest but when turned off the car. It became like a sauna and Isabelle started to cry.

Finally after turning in circles for what seemed an eternity. I found my way out of the city to my greatest joy thanking God profusely for this divine intervention.

ROTHENBURG OB DER TAUBER - BAVIERAWe went to the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber , in Bavaria, an old Franconian medieval town with rounding walls and stone towers. We enjoyed walking near the walls and through the old town for a few hours. The town hall in the Marktplatz is one of the nicest in southern Germany. Although we enjoyed the place, I expected the old section to be quite bigger. Compared to some other medieval towns of Europe such as Carcassone itís left in the dust but it is still worth a visit.

We enjoyed also a nice drink on a restaurant patio. When we were there in mid-July, it was extremely hot. We were tired of looking so sitting down felt great.

We slept in a beautiful Bavarian village called Alfeld, a typically looking German village. The hotel was charming, very Bavarian like the old village. We slept really well but the owners could not speak English. In fact many Germans in that area do not.

Pictures of my trip to Alfeld, Bavaria, Germany
Pictures of my trip to the airport of Frankfurt, Germany
Pictures of my trip to Rothenburg, Bavaria, Germany

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