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--------My trip to Germany (2002-2003)

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Our second trip was when I went to Munich with my daughter Nadia. We rented a car with the intentions of going to Portugal. While I was grabbing the car a fellow who was driving to the Baltic asked me if I was going to stop at the famous beer gardens in downtown Munich. Obviously, I could not.

We went downtown Munich, we were in a main square in the historical part of town. I was parked and I was not used to the car . I had no clue how to put it in reverse and I became scared . I finally figured it out, I decided to leave the city and go right away to Innsbruck, Austria.

We ended up on the highway number eleven who went through the Bavarian Alps. On our way we stopped by some nice little towns. We stopped in Kochel and there is a beautiful lake there. Nadia had a picture by the Schmied Balthes Von Kochel statue. He is holding a sword in the background and we can see the Hotel Alpenhof Postillon.

On our way back from Portugal few weeks later we stayed at an hotel by Munich for we had to get up quite early to catch the plane. The hotel was being renovated. They were going to phone us to wake us up but I was afraid they will forget. As a result I stayed up almost all night. On our way to the airport we got to see the Olympic installations. We had breakfast at the hotel.

Canadian dogsled at the Munich Airport
Nadia riding a dogsled at the Munich Airport

Schmied Balthes Von Kochel statue in Kochel, Germany
Nadia by the Schmied Balthes Von Kochel statue in Kochel, Germany

Kochel, Germany
I think this picture was taken in Kochel, Germany

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