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Pictures of Amboise

We drove from Angouleme and we turned east after Tours. We followed the D952 also called La Nationale 152. The road was north of the Loire River. La river le Loire is the longest in France.We had a good view of the river itself.Twenty-two km after Tours we reached a town called Amboise with its very impressive castle.

The city according to wikipedia is famous for: "The city is famous for the Clos LucÚ manor house where Leonardo da Vinci lived (and ultimately died)"It's a pity we stumbled on this town by accident. We were unaware of this important fact and we left without visiting this place. We were supposed also to eat there but Isabelle was dragging her feet, I got upset and we just left. It would have been nice to eat in the old part of town. They had beautiful cafes and restaurants.Adios.

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Typical road in France
A road boarded by trees in France near the Loire region

Isabelle by the Loire River with Amboise behind
Isabelle near the Loire River

Clos LucÚ manor house
Clos LucÚ manor house where Leonardo da Vinci lived (Picture borrowed from webshots)

Amboise Castle
The magnificient castle of Amboise in the Loire Region

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