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My trip to France (1981)

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Map of FranceMy first trip to France was in 1981 to the region of Languedoc-Roussillon. I went to the west coast near Perpignan ( at one time it belonged to Spain). At this time I visited the area near Narbonne and Sete. Narbonne was the first town outside Italy to be colonized by Rome . At one point in history , during medieval times it was richer than Rome, London and Prague. Of course it lost its former glory but it is still an interesting place to visit.

I stayed at the youth hostel in Sete. I met a friend called Maurice, he wrote to me for many years after that.

I was in France when the 1981 presidential elections were happening. Francois Mitterant was elected. People were driving and waving flags. It was a big celebration.

Later on I traveled to Carcassone. It is the most stunning medieval town that I’ve visited in my life. It is so well preserved that it is considered one of the best fortress cities in the world. I stayed in the middle of the old town at the Youth Hostel surrounded by towers and castles. Today, the youth hostel is still located in the same place in the old part of town called the Cité. It was quite a treat to walk by the old remparts.

While I was in France I met a fellow who was going around the Mediterranean sea walking with his small dog. I had bought some food and wine in Spain that was suppose to last me for a few days . I fed him, he was so hungry, all my wine, sausage and bread were almost totally gone.

I did a lot of hitchiking in France. Once I was even picked up by two ladies .A mother and a daughter. That's the way I went to Andorra. This was the time that hitchiking was a relatively safe way of travelling. Nowadays it will be uncommon to get picked by a mom and daughter.

 Beautiful remparts in Carcassonne, France

Beautiful medieval remparts in Carcassonne, France

 People in Carcassonne, France
People in the Cite of Carcassonne, France

 Francois Mitterant's Elections
People cheering the victory of Francois Mitterant

 The Sea at Sete, France
The Mediterranean Sea at Sete, France

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