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Pictures of Zephyrhill, Florida

We came to live in Zephyrhill after my wife got a job as a nurse at the East Pasco Hospital in the emergency. I stayed with the kids while she worked. The town was nice and safe and we especially liked the lake and the parks around it where kids could play safely. We lived in small condos right in front of the seniors home. I also liked to walk to downtown to get the paper. We also went to a church there. The Pastor was named Mike and his wife was Tina. Overall we had a great time in the town which was about 45 minutes drive from the beaches. Some of the pictures in this page were not taken exactly in Zephyrhill but some other parks.

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Park near Zephyrhills Florida near Tampa

Taking a picture on a palm tree, near Zephyrhills Florida

Hillsborough River State Park, Nadia and Isabelle

Tara, myself and Nadia at the Hillsborough River State Park

Nadia looking at a small alligator in the Hillsborough River State Park near Zephyrhiils

Nadia sitting down while watching the alligator at the Hillsborough River State Park

Playground near Zephyrhills Florida, Nadia loved it there

Mom watching Nadia in the playground

Sitting together n the playground

Nadia standing on the shore of Lake Zephyr in Zephphyrhills, Florida

Nadia playing by the lake watching the ducks

Zephy Park, baby and dad in Zephyrhills on a Mighty Florida Oak tree. The branch is not touching the ground.

Zephyr Park playgroud downtown, there is a tennis court nearby

Myself and Isabelle under the oak trees and the Spanish moss

The three of us under the mighty oak tree

Leaving Zephyrhills for the long way trip to Canada.
Our duplex was across the Zephyr Haven Nursing Home near the lake

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