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Our Pictures of Daytona Beach

When Tara was done her Nursing job in Zephyrhills we drove up north and in our way we stopped in Daytona Beach and St-Augustine. The Beach in Daytona was quite spectacular and the waves were bigger than the west coast. Another thing that's special is that cars can drive on the sand, there's kind of a well packed sandy road. I am not sure if it's safe when you have young children but cars go slowly and it's well patrolled. I love those pictures of the kids when they were young. We only spent part of the day there in April but it really worth it. On our way out we saw the famous track.

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Tara with our baby girl Isabelle in Daytona Beach

View of Daytona Beach

Nadia on the Atlantic in Daytona Beach. Many resorts are needed for the millions of tourists who visit each year.

The Candido family on the hard-packed sand in Daytona

Nadia playing in the big waves of Daytona Beach

Ice cream, lemonade truck a favorite of the kids travelling right on the beach. One of the only beaches in the world where motorized vehicules are allowed on the sand.

One of my cutest pictures: Nadia and Isabelle

Daytona is a very popular resort for families
The parting shot saying goodbye to Florida: Dad, Isabelle and Nadia

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