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--------My trip to Oxford, England (1985)

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Canoeing is a great way to see Oxford I will always remember the great feeling of visiting Oxford for the first time in 1985. The towwn has a population today of 151 000. It's located in South East England. When I was there, I had the feeling of walking back into medieval times. It was like taking a dive into history.

This city also known as "The City of Dreaming Spires". The University of Oxford is evidently the main attraction. The university is the oldest in England and there are many harmonious buildings.

The town is also crossed by the rivers of Cherwell and the Thames the river closer to town is also called the Isis.

I had the chance close to the university to rent a canoe and travel in its river that was the most romantic thing I probably ever done, even if I was alone. Nowadays, the city is also very bike friendly but when I was there in 1985 I did not see too many cyclists.

My stay was short but I had the chance to comeback in 1992 with my wife. Unfortunately I was so mesmerized by the old architexture that I forgot to take pictures. Those two are the only ones that I took.

The trip is a little bit more than an hour from London, either by bus or by train. In fact it's 54 miles or 83 KM between the two major cities.

Canoeing on the river in Oxford surrounded by history

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Description of my trip to England (1985)

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