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Our trip to Curacao (1996)
by Fernando Candido

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 Map of Curacao We came to Curacao , 56km north of the Venezuelan coast, when our cruise boat docked there.We stopped in the town of Wilelemstad and right away we could see the Dutch influence.The houses were painted in beautiful colors, they were strikingly narrow and very much resembled Amsterdam.

The official language on this island is Dutch but English is widely spoken . Spanish and Pimiento (a patois) are also commonly used. The Netherlands Antillean florin, is the official currency.

I took a picture of my wife on the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge when we came to the city. Notice the unique Dutch colonial buildings behind.

We were waiting for the bus when we met a girl by the bus station who told us that she was going to a beach with her boyfriend(he had a tiny motor boat) . The boyfriend was about twice her age. He looked about fifty and she seemed to be about eighteen. They spoke English quite well. I was a bit worried and bad thoughts were coming to my mind. What if they robbed us and they threw us overboard? I couldn't even swim and I was not even wearing a life jacket.

The place we landed was called the Santa Barbara beach resort. I borrowed some snorkeling glasses and I was able to see schools of yellow colorful fish. I did not put the tube in my mouth as it seemed to choke me. I was happy to just use the glasses. I could see so clearly. This was my first experience snorkeling.

In the distance we could see people going scuba diving. This beach is also close to the underground park. Scuba companies bring their customers to enjoy the reefs.On the weekends many of the people of “la haute society”, came with their yachts to enjoy the sun and the water.

Later on, I went for a walk and I picked up a lot of pieces of corals. They were everywhere. In the evening they played some romantic-circus music while we were leaving Curacao. It was beautiful to see the night-lights of the town. I felt nostalgic and wondered if I ever would be back.

 Queen Juliana Bridge  Refineries in Curacao

 Tara on the the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

Picture one:The Queen Juliana Bridge Picture 2: Refineries along the port of Willemstad Picture 3: Tara in front of Willemstad historic buildings

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