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Fernando Candido's trip to Andorra (1981) - Travelogue

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I was there when I drove from France on my way to Portugal in May of 1981 therefore the ski season was over. There was still plenty to see in this miniature country of gorgeous mountains and deep valleys.

As far as I can remember I hitchhiked there and Chinese girl gave me a ride (I think she may have been with somebody else, I can not remember). I had the pleasure of taking a picture of her in front of the snow peaks. In return, she also took a picture of myself. Picture

I do not know the main reasons that brought me to this charming little country but I was fascinated by the possibility of visiting such a small nation in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. I also wanted to add to my collection of visited countries.

One of the things that brings people to this place is the tax free shopping. I stopped at Andorra la Vella , the capital and its only major town .The whole country , 465 square km , is a duty free mecca for bargain hunters. The capital has many stores where they sell electronics, photo equipment, booze, cigarettes, shoes and anything you can think of especially things that are highly taxable somewhere else. I only purchased some postcards.

We made our way to Spain after our short visit and we stopped at Seo D'Urgell.

Myself standing above a pass in Andorra in 1981
Myself standing above a pass in Andorra in 1981

Seud'Urgell in 1981 Mountains near Lerida
Photo 1: Seu d'Urgell in 1981 . Picture taken from the road Photo 2: On our way to Lerida

Girl in Andorra standing in front of the Pyrenees Waterfall in the Pyrenees
Girl who gave me a ride to Andorra. Waterfall near Andorra

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