My ski-touring and backcountry snowboarding trip to Healy Pass
This is an area that I know because I spent a weekend backcountry snowboarding using my split board and skins. From the parking lot of the Sunshine village ski areait is about seven kilometers to the top of the pass. Excellent skiing can be done in this area. If you are going to the rustic Egypt lake cabin it is another three kilometers. You should be able to follow a well-made trail to get you to the cabin. You can stop around Healy pass before going to the cabin . There are a lot of excellent places where you can take turns. If you ski on the south side of the pass there are less trees and most of the runs are not too steep. On the right you can fin some steeper hills obviously more prone to dangerous avalanches. On the north side there is great tree skiing. You can almost snowboard all the way to the cabin using cross-country poles to help you. The scenery is five stars all the way and the skiing is free. Do not forget to buy your backcountry pass. (We underestimated the time to get to the cabin and I had to sleep in a snow cave as it started to get dark. Give yourself a full day to get there)
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Sometimes you have to cross narrow bridges

My friend Ward and I standing by the Egypt Lake Cabin

Francois and I in front of the cabin of Egypt Lake in the Banff National Park

It is great to be in the cabin

Making water by melting snow

Cabin under the snow

ski-touring close to Healy Pass

The top of the pass is a great place to do some boarding or telemarking

Telemarking to the pass and getting ready to snowboarding

Francois enjoying the sun

Francois on top of Healy Pass a world of powder to choose from

Looking towards the west?

More mountain views

Great views of the rockies

More mountains around Banff and the Sunshine Village

You can see the amount of snow

Looking to Egypt and Pharoah Lake with mount Haiduk watching over the lakes

Frozen waterfal by Egypt Lake

Trail leading out of Egypt Lake towrds Redearth Creek