My ski-touring and backcountry snowboarding trip to Bald Hills (Jasper)
Bald Hills are located by Maligne Lake near Jasper (70km ?). It 's about 6 kilometers to reach the area. I was there in 2006. There was a lot of snow even when there was not much in the valley below. I brought my split board with me. I did the cross-country trail with the board. Amazingly, I had the whole mountain to myself. I was the only one there. I brought a backpack loaded with gear in case I ran into trouble. I stayed away from the avalanche area. I snowboarded my way down the trail by using my cross-country poles . I had to put the brakes often because I had a backpack and I could have easily lost my balance and crashed in the trees being alone I played it safe. It did not take me very long to do the 5.5 km down the hill. Lots of fun!!!
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One of the rare pictures in Google of Bald Hills in winter by Barb Brooks