My ski-touring and backcountry snowboarding trip to the Assiniboine Lodge and Naiset Cabins
Few years ago, we parked our truck at the Shark Mountain Cross Country Ski Trail and packed my equipment into my improvised sled and started making our way to Assiniboine and the Naiset Cabins. On our way we passed the Bryant Creek shelter close to the ranger station. (in 2005 I heard they burned the Cabin) It took us a long time to get to the main lodge. The owner when she saw us she told us "why are you travelling in the dark". It was not intentional. That Assinoiboine pass was quite steep. Pulling the sled was not an easy task. We stayed at the Naiset Huts, you have to cook outside. In the afternoon even if you are not a guess you can go for tea at the Assiniboine lodge. All around there you could do some snowboarding. It is not steep but the snow is very deep. Beautiful powder. You need skins to travel around. At the lodge you can go with guides and tour around. From the parking lot, it's about 30 km. A very long day, we saw some people winter campimg because they could not make it.

If you want you can take the chopper.

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We saw this bird that looked like a chicken on our way to the Niset Cabins

There is no feeling like sitting by the fire in the Naiset Cabins

Coming down with my sled by the Assiniboine Mountain

Deep in the snow, bringing an heavy sled and a snowboard
to the Assiniboine Lodge was a real challenge

One of the most famous peaks in the Rockies: Assiniboine

Francois standing near the Assiniboine Pass, incredible mountains