The Highland Clearances
Surnames Rennie to Rose
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Rennie, advocate in Inverness
Robertson, Major Charles, 7th Laird of Kindeace
(1842, he was with his regiment in Australia)

Robertson, Donald from Atholl
(He was a factor he bought some of the land of those evicted. He was attacked on one of the most bitter poems written in Gaelic.)

Robertson, Flora
(In 1854, she lived near or at Boreraig. She was a widow of 96. She had been evicted and she lived on half a crown a month from the Parochial Board.)

Robertson, John
(In 1821 he was a southern journalist. He reported the removals of Glencalvie for the Glasgow National.)

Robertson, Patrick, advocate
(In 1816, he wrote the only report of the trial of Patrick Sellar. He was a junior Counsel for Sellar.)

Robertson, William 1th Laird of Kindeace
(He was a seventeen century merchant from Inverness. He was the ancestor of the Lairds of Strathcarron. He was a property dealer. He had bought the lands of Kindeace on Cromarty Firth.)

Robertson, William 6th Laird of Kindeace
(In 1842, he was seventy-seven. He was a justice of the peace. His wife had been a sister of the Chisholm who began the great clearing of Strathglass. In 1841 he instructed his factor writs of removal on all the tenants of Glencalvie.)

Robertson, William
(He had a sheep-farm in Kinlochmoidart. He supplied the starving with food in 1847 during the Scotland famine. According to him, he may have saved a quarter of the people of his estate.) Robson, Mr, sheepman (He was a Cheviot farmer. He produced a new kind of sturdy sheep. They were called the Great Sheep.)

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