The Highland Clearances
Macalister to Macdougal
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Macalister, Alex
(Owned Torrisdale castle in Argyll) Macbean, Rev. Alex
(Circa 1820.Parish of Kincardine Strath)

Macbean, Superintendant Police

MacBeth, Donald Strathnaver
(Lived in Rhimsdale, old man in 1814 had a son called Hugh)

MacBeth, Hugh , Strathnaver
(Dad was Donald from Rhimsdale)

MacCaig, Dugald
(Preventive officer)

MacCodrum, Iain
(Wrote a poem)

MacCormack, Peggy
(Circa 1838 she was evicted, she was born a Macdonald in Clanranald's county)

MacCuish, Roderick , Sollas
(Tenant of Mallaglate, handcuffed brought to court in Inverness in front of Lord Cockburn)

MacCulloch, Dr. John
(Doctor of Medicine, Fellow of the Royal Society made a series of journeys through the Highlands.)

Macdonald, Skye
(Factor of the district, he was also a Sheriff-Officer and the local inspector of the poor.)

Macdonald, Sir Alexander, of Sleat
(Sold some of its people as indentured servants for the Carolinas)

Macdonald, Anne, Farr
(She was sent to jail for six months to Dornaich Jail)

Macdonald, Colin, of Boisdale
(He beat his tenants into the Prebysterian Church with his cane, and thus earned for it the enduring name of Creideamh a' bhata buidhe, the Religion of the Yellow Stick)

Macdonald, Father Coll
(His house was in Sandaig)

Macdonald, George, Strathnaver
(In 1816 he was 15 years old, He lived at Rossal. He was a witness before the Napier Comission of Inquiry)

Macdonald, Godfrey William Wentworth, 4th Baron
(Descendant of the MacDonald chiefs of Sleat. One of his uncle had a castle at Armdale on Skye)

Macdonald, Grace
(She was 19 years old in/around 1814 living by Langdale, she witnessed the burnings in Strathnaver.)

Macdonald, John
(Died around 1815 while fishing between the Naver and the Strathy Point, swept off the rocks.)

Macdonald, John, of Borrodale

Macdonald, John, of Glenalladale
(Son of Young John. His family was a cadet branch of the great Macdonalds of Clanranald, stubbornly Catholic and Jacobite in convictions. He bought land on the island of St-John in the Gulf of St Lawrence. In 1772, he took an expedition of "opprest people", tacksman and sub-tenants from South Uist, Moidart and Arisaig.)

Macdonald, Mary of the Songs

Macdonald, Ranald George, of Clanranald, 18th Chief
(He possibly owned some homes in London, Brighton and Arisaig)

Macdonald, Roderick, Sheriff Officer North Uist
(In 1849 he was driven away from Mallaglate by stones)

Macdonell, Aeneas, of Glengarry, 16th Chief

Macdonell, Father Alexander
(Moved to Canada in 1785, build a church called the Blue Chapel and died with the exiles in Canadian soil.) Macdonell, Alexander, of Keppoch, at Culloden ( Glasgow student was killed by the musketry of Pulteney's regiment on Culloden Moor)

Macdonell, Alexander
(Knoydart? Isle of Skye, wife was pregnant in 1853 refused to go to the ship Sillery since she was close to labor.)

Macdonell, Alistair Ranaldson, of Glengarry

Macdonell, Allan, Knoydart
(Widower with four children refused to go aboard the Sillery in 1853)

Macdonell, Archibald Dhu, Glengarry
(Factor tried to evict to evict him from their holding at Kinlochnevis resisted with the help of his seven sons, he was cleared in 1817 by Glengarry.)

Macdonell, Duncan, of Glengarry, 14th Chief
(Wife was Marjorie daughter Elizabeth)

Macdonell, General Sir James, of Glengarry

Macdonell, Josephine, widow of 16th Chief

Macdonell, Marjory, wife of 14th Chief
(Husband was Duncan she had a daughter called Elizabeth)

Macdougal, Alan
(The blind bard of Glengarry)

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