The Highland Clearances
Matheson to Munro
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Matheson, Donald
(Circa 1820.He was the catechist of Alexander Macbean of the parish of Kincardine Strath.)

Matheson, Sir James, of Achany
(He bought the Lewis Estate for 190 000 pounds in 1844. He also spent 40 000 pounds on meals for the people there. He was a benevolent proprietor.)

Matheson, John, Farr (He was sent to Dornaich jail, 1820?)

"Miles a Highlander of Sutherland"

Miller, Hugh (Journalist of the Witness, Edinburgh)

Morrison, Peter, Sollas
(1849? Formerly Lord Macdonald's ground officer, evicted with wife and children.)

Morrison, William
(He was fourteen when he wandered through the glen and watched twenty houses burning at Rossal, he said, and two more at Dalvina, Dalmalaran and Achphris. He saw the cruelty and pain of it all.)

Mulock, Thomas, journalist (He was sixty when he arrived in the Highlands in 1849. The pride of his life was his daughter a celebrated writer. He was born in Dublin. He was the first son of the Third son of Thomas Mulock of Kilnagarna. He also entered the Baptist Ministry.)

Munro, Alex, of Braelangwell
(Tacksman of Strathcarron lived opposite Western Greenyards, in 1854. Prepared the summons of eviction.)

Munro, Ann
(A stout and active women of Cornhill by Langwell, she had to flee swimming across the river Carron while she was being pursued by three agents, 1854.)

Munro, David, Culrain
(He resisted the police when they were being evicted. He was struck by three constables and threw one five yards. The other two beat him into insensibility.)

Munro, Donald, alias MacAddie, Strath Rusdale
(During the Year of the sheep, 1792, he had two sons William and George. They were out with the "sheep drivers.")

Munro, Donald, alias Roy tried in 1792
(Tenant in Alladale in the parish of Kincardine. They were banish from Scotland from life.)

Munro, George
(He was from Ceann-na-Coille, he was a miller. He was evicted and across, with his sick family, the Achness he watched his house burn.)

Munro, Sir Hector, of Novar
(He owned property around Easter Ross. At one time he was Colonel of the black Watch. Member of the parliament for Inverness Burghs for twenty-four years. His cousin was Culcairn.)

Munro, Henney, Strathnaver
(1819, at Grumberg, widow, marched beside husband in the peninsular campaigns. Her house was burned.)

Munro, Sir Hugh of Foulis
(President of the "Freeholders, Justices of Peace and Commissionners of Supply of the Shire of Ross.")

Munro, Hugh, of Novar (In 1820 he made it clear that he wanted to clear his estates at Culrain and to place the land under sheep.)

Munro, John, Culrain
(He lived there in 1820 by the west bank of the Kyle of Sutherland; he was the principal tenant-at-will.)

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