The Highland Clearances
Surnames MacKaskill to Mackinnon
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MacKaskill, John, Sollas
(1849, He had a wife and a child. She cried "My children are being murdered" there was a great revolt after the people from Dunskellar. Middle quarter and Sollas heard this.)

Mackay, Mr., Procurator-Fiscal of Inverness-Shire

Mackay, Superintendent Police, Inverness

Mackay, Alexander
(Tried in 1792 tenant in Langwell in the parish of Kincardine, lived on the upper braes of the Oykel banished for life.)

Mackay, Angus
(He was eleven years old around 1814 when he was driven out. He gave a visual account of the Year of Burnings. He had to run with one of his brothers, three year old on his back while they burned his house when his parents were away. Almost drawn, him and his brother, they were saved by old lady.)

Mackay, Annie, on Strathnaver
(Granddaughter of Iain McKay spoke 70 years later of the effect those times had on their family. Mother was very ill in 1882 died later.)

Mackay, Bell, Strathnaver
(Married woman taken by the sea while she was making salt probably around 1815)

Mackay, Betsy, Strathnaver
(In 1814 she was sixteen and she lived at the river's edge by Skail when burning party came around.)

Mackay, Christy
(Described as a harmless, inoffensive but sensible girl. She was accused of giving shelter to an evicted family and a pauper. She was evicted.)

Mackay, Donald, Grunmore a boy
(He was driven from his home with his parents, he ran naked and terrified into some bushes and stayed there, watching the flames and refusing to come out.)

Mackay, Eric, 7th Lord Reay

Mackay, Henrietta
(Husband Chisholm)

Mackay, Iain Ban
(He was from Rhifail, in 1814 he was driven from his town after being removed five times they built a hut of stones on the cliffs above Tongue.)

Mackay, Janet, Strathnaver (Brother-in-law was William and she had a sister called Henrietta. She dragged her mother out in a blanket after they burned her house. The old lady said; ''God receive my soul! What fire is this about me" 1814)

Mackay, John
(Catechist at Achness, he was eighty years old. He made a living by making leather gaiters (around 1819)

Mackay, John, Achtoly
(He stood outside his house with his family when they felled the roof-tree around 1856.)

Mackay, John, Strathnaver
(In circa 1816 his wife fell through the roof while they were trying to burn her house and so was brought to terrible labor.)

Mackay, Captain John, of Syre
(Warm-hearted but ineffectual factor in Strahnaver)

Mackay, Captain Kenneth, of Torboll
(Officer of Volunteers and an extensive sheep-farmer acting for the Sheriff's office)

Mackay, Malcolm, of Glencalvie
(Possesed a Sheep Walk)

Mackay, Margaret,
(She was helped by Donald Macleod while her house burned. She was an old lady in 1814. Daughters were Janet, Henrietta and son-in-law was William. She died not long after.)

Mackay, Philip, Superintendent Police

Mackay, Robert
(Carried sick daughters for 25 miles till he reached seashore. He died later when collecting plovers' eggs for his starving family.)

Mackay, William, Grunmore
(He was 92 around 1819, He was known as Achoul until 1812 he had been a tenant-at-will on the south slope of Ben Klibreck. His wife was named Janet. He died alone in Wick)

Mackay, William, drowned
(He drowned while inspecting is lot while his wife and children watched.)

Mackenzie, Alexander
(He had a company called William Mackenzie & Company of Ullapool, he was a merchant and held a lease in Coigach with his brother William)

Mackenzie, Alexander, editor
(He wrote a book called the History of the Chisholms.)

Mackenzie, Anna Hay, Marchioness of Stafford

Mackenzie, Sir George Stuart, of Coul
(He wrote the book called "General View of the Agriculture of Ross and Cromarty".)

Mackenzie, Reverend David, minister in Strathnaver, Achner.
(He was awarded the parish of Farr by the Staffords.)

Mackenzie, Reverend Hugh, Tongue

Mackenzie, Hugh Breac
(Tenant of Acharn in the parish of Alness. One of the supposedly ring leaders., The Ross-shire sheep riot. He was sentenced to transportation to Botany Bay for Seven Years.)

Mackenzie, Kenneth
(He wrote an emigration poem.)

Mackenzie, Peter, constable
(In 1854, March 7?, His summons were taken away by people. They were brought to the Inn at Ardgay. He appeared before the Court of Justiciary.)

Mackenzie, William
(He owned a company at Ullapool. He had tenants. His brother was called Alexander.)

Mackenzie, William., law-agent for The Chisholm

Mackid, Robert, Sheriff-Substitute, Sutherland
(He once lived in Kirkton. He sided with the middlemen. He was a lawyer by profession. He collected evidence against Sellar and brought him to trial. He left, ruined, to practice law in Caithness with his family after being sued by Sellar. His children were tutored by a Sage.)

Mackinnon, Catherine, "Aunty Kate"
(She was sick in bed in August of 1853. She asked to be able to recover before being evicted. They took her out and put her in a ditch. Her story was documented in detail by Father Coll. She had a "cabin" in Inverie, Knoydart. The height of the cabin was not even three feet. She lived there with a niece. She was about fifty. Invalid, she was taken from the roll of the poor for no apparent reason.) Mackinnon, Charles (He was 70 years old in August 1853 and living alone near or at Airor. He was ordered to go to the Ship Sillery but walked to the hills instead)

Mackinnon, Reverend Norman
(Chaplain in Ordinary to Queen Victoria, active in stimulating the charity of the Lowlands and England)

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