The Highland Clearances
Surnames MacEachan to MacIver
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MacEachan, Donald
(At Airor, his wife, baby and two small children were huddled under an old sail." The mother's breasts were dry as corks, and although the poor infant continued pulling at them for nourishment, it could procure none" 1853)

MacInnes, Alex
(Lived near Boreraig, put in irons, dragged thirty miles to Portree, family followed him weeping. Appeared before the court of Justiciary and went back to Lock Eishort where their families and others were living in the shelters of walls and huts. Father was Neil and Brother was Donald.)

MacInnes, Donald
(1853, he had a sick wife and a small baby)

MacInnes, Donald, officer of Destitution, 1851
(Native of the Isle)

MacInnes, Neil, Suishnish
(Father of Donald and Alexander)

MacIsaacs, Alex, Knoydart
(He was crippled and blind of an eye, he had a wife suckling an infant a month old and six other children.)

MacIver, Evander of Scourie
(He served the second Duke of Sutherland)

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