The Highland Clearances
Surnames Geddes to Gunn
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Geddes, Thomas
(He had the distinction of being the first Lowland farmer to come north of the Great Glen, 1762)

George III

George IV

Gibson, Henry
(He came in 1792 to Glengarry with his partner Thomas Gillepsie.)

Gillepsie, Thomas
(He came in 1792 to Glengarry with his partner Henry Gibson.)

Gillanders, James Falconer, of Highfield
(Drove the Rosses from Glengarry, owned property in Rosskeen)

Gillie, Elizabeth, Knoydart
(Widow refused to move and was beaten)

Gordon, Lord Adam
(Commander in chief)

Gordon, Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland
Marchioness of Stafford, 1st Duchess of Sutherland

Gordon, William, of Breacachadh
(Ancestors came from Banffshire three centuries before, owned three barns at Skail)

Gordon , Captain Evans
(1874, prohibited people at Wick to reach the grain in the years of famine) Gordon, James, Advocate (Counsel for Sellar)

Gordon, Colonel John, of Cluny
(Payed 38 000 pounds for a land in the island of Skye?. It was sold by a man called Menzies.)

Gordon, Robert, of Langdale (Tacksman) (A tacksmanwhose ancestors came from Banffshire in the sixteenth century when a Countess of Sutherland married the son of a Gordon Earl.)
(Tacksman) Gower, Earl
Gower, Lord Ronald

Grant, Alex
(Old man in 1853 evicted people from Knoydart)

Grant, Chas., Baron Glenelg

Grant, Sir James, of Grant

Gunn, George, Chief of Clan Gunn at Golspie

Gunn, Robert, factor

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