The Highland Clearances
Surnames Cameron to Cunningham
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Cameron, Capt. Alan
(Glen Morie, had a brother called Alex)

Cameron, Lt-Gen. Alan, of Erracht, raises 79th
Cameron, Alex
(He had a brother called Allan who was a captain.)

Cameron, Alex, Knoydart
(In August of 1853 his wife was pregnant.)
Cameron, Angus
(A fox-hunter from Stratherrick)

Cameron, Donald
22nd of Lochiel

Cameron, Geo., Sheriff-Substitute

Cameron, John, of Corriechoillie
(Rented a sheep-walk from Lochiel in 1824 for 70 pounds a year)

Cameron, Rev. Murdoch

Campbell, Donald
(Lived in Upper Canada )

Campbell, Ewen
(In Morar, local inspector of the poor in 1854)

Campbell, Georges Douglas,
8th Duke of Argyll

Campbell, John
2nd Marquess of Breadalbane

Campbell, John
(Drowned between the mouth of the Naver and Strathy Point)

Chant. Mr
(On emigration, agent for the Commissionners)

Chisholm Bishop

Chisholm, Alexander, 23rd of Strathglass
(Known as An Siosal Ban., the Fair-haired. He died in 1793 and his title and most of his land was passed to his brother William. His wife died in 1826? Wife was called Elizabeth and they had only one daughter called Mary.)

Chisholm, Alexander, 25th of Strathglass

Chisholm, Allan and Duncan,
brothers in Strathglass (1809)

Chisholm, Colin
( Lived near Cannich in 1833. Last survivor of the Chisholms in Strathglass. In 1878 he was still paying rent)

Chisholm, Donald
( Left for Nova Scotia probably in 1801. He was a blacksmith from Glen Affric. He was also a poet.)

Chisholm, Duncan, 26th of Strathglass.
(He lived in London when he became chief. He died in 1858. Last chief of the direct line.)

Chisholm, Duncan
(Poet, called the Yellow-haired Duncan) Chisholm, Elizabeth, wife of 23 rd Chief

Chisholm, Elizabeth, (Macdonell)
Wife of 24 th Chief (Mom was Marjorie)

Chisholm, John
(In 1820 he lived in Strathcarron by the mouth of the valley, blind man, bard and historian.)

Chisholm, Mary
(Father the 23th of Strathglass, Mom Elizabeth. Mary was married to a merchant of London called Gooden.)

Chisholm, William, 24th of Strathglass.
(Died in 1817. Left his title to his son Alexander)

Chisholm, William, Strathnaver.
(In 1814 he was expelled. His mother-in-law, Margaret McKay, was about 100 years old, she died five days after being removed probably around June 18th. She had another daughter called Janet and Henrietta)

Clerk, Rev. Archibald
(From Killmalie his parish was Lochaber)

Cockburn, Lord
(Probably from Inverness)

Coffin, Sir Edward

Colquhoun, William
Sheriff-Substitute, Inverness

Cooper, Anthony Ashley
7th Lord of Shaftesbury

Cooper, Patrick
Cleared Sollas and Skye

Craik, Mrs Humphrey

Cranstoun, Philip
Sher. Sutherland

Chrichton. Dr.
( Senior medical practitioner of the town possibly Glengarry.)

Cumberland, Duke of

Cumming police superintendant of Inverness

Cunningham, William
(Tenant in Aulanguish in the parish of Kinkardine)

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