Viseu Archives

Hours: 9:00 to 5:30 Saturdays closed

Adress: Arquivo Distrital de Viseu Casa Amarela - Largo Alve Mart 3500 Viseu Portugal -phone 42 88 78

This information is based on my visit in May 1999. I only spend an hour there but I found the staff very helpful. You asked them what you are looking for and they go and get it for you. In that instance, I was looking for passeports of the year 1900. They brought me the register book of passports also they checked all the fiches since everything is being put in little notecards. We could not find the passport that I needed because I did not have all the info required.

While I was there I noticed a number of interesting books and catalogs listing the archives of the place.

I just wished I had more time. God willing , I will be back one day.

You are welcome to visit my Portuguese Genealogy Homepage.

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