The Portuguese Genealogy Page

My goal is to offer you help so you can find your portuguese ancestors around the world. I was able to retrace my ancestors from Portugal. I hope this page will help you in your research.

Here are few steps to follow in order to be successful in your search

Step 1- Ask as much information as possible to your grand-parents (try to know who their parents were and try to go as far as possible in time) and other family members and record it.

Step2 Try to know in which district, municipality (known as conselhos or municipalities), town and parish your ancestors were born. Remember, every piece of info. is important.

Once you find out the freguesia (parish)they were from, It will be easy to find the records of your relatives(important church records are often located there possibly at the church office). For example, my dad's relatives the Candido's were born in the village of Camarneira but the freguesia was Covoes (back then, it may change with time). Here's a copy, in portuguese but translated in english, of a birth certificate of 1898 of the town of Covoes and a death certificate of 1960 of the same town.

The conselho or municipio (municipality) is important because all civil records are located there. The archives can often be found in a place called "Conservatorio the Registro Civil de ..." in my case, my concelho was Cantanhede. I was able to order records from there.

District Archives holds every document imaginable. In my case I knew that Cantanhede was located in the district of Coimbra. The University of Coimbra housed the District Archives of Coimbra and held some much needed church records.

If you can not go to Portugal, you can basically find the same info at any Family History Centers around the world which are run by the Latter Day Saints church. They have all the church records in microfiche.

Please remember that all info is in Portuguese. I have a Portuguese Genealogy Lexique ( Portuguese-English) that can help you translate records. You may want to hire some Portuguese translators.

Step 3. If everything fails and you do not know where your relatives were born you will have to put in hard work. You will have to search immigration records, recencement, Here are more links that can help you: