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I live in California and I have tried Latter Day Saints. I am trying to get the information because of my uncle (79 years old) doesn’t have a lot of information re: his father. My grandfather didn’t speak much of it when he was alive. I have had numerous cousins that have tried to obtain information with no success. I did get the 7 generations as I stated but really don’t know where to turn now. This is really new to me and I’m not sure where to go. My grandfather had a piece of land there (Pico) that was inherited by the son that remained there when my grandfather passed, and I realize this son has passed by now but I am interested in the family of his. Is there anyway to find out his name, relatives or mother? Any direction you can point me would be of great help. I am also interested in the 2 siblings that my grandfather had.
Thank you
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Surnnames being researched: Nunes, Piedada, Brum, Freitas, Pico Azores

You had sent me info before so I thought I would write and give you what I have, if maybe you can help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a post I have put onto

I have written before and maybe someone can help again. The help I received before from this group was excellent, so I'm trying again.Looking for ancestors of Joao Francisco Nunes born in Pico, Piedade Azores in April 1893 to Manuel Francisco nunes (Oct. 15,1849b) and Maria Piedade (1865b), they were married Oct. 17,1889. They had 3 children, my grandfather Joao, Mariana (died1904) and Maria (b 1895). There was a son that my grandfather had that remained in Pico when he came to the states in Oct. 1915 (not sure of his name or his mother's name). When he came to the states he went to an uncles house Vincent Nunes ( Vincent Azevedo/ Freitas) to Rio Vista, California, and changed his name to John Alves Freitas. I'm looking for relatives? documentation? or any information that someone might have. I also am looking for ancestors of Raulino Jose Brum. He had 7 children (4boys & 3 girls) one of which was named Joao (my grandfather). He came to the states ?? and had 2 girls in California Irma and Mary with Mariana. Her mother's maiden name is olivera and father's surname is Mello. Any history on any of these names would be great help. Thank you
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Surnnames being researched: Rezendes, Celestine Medieros (Medeiros)Vila Franca do Campo, Azores

Dear Fernando,
For the past week I have been trying to translate my grandfather's record of baptism.
I was very happy to find your page on your grandfather's baptism - it helped me a lot.
I was not able to read some of the words on my grandfather's record.
Some of the words did not translate so I had to guess what it could be.
I was told my grandfahter's birthday was February 9, 1893 - yet the certificate gives the date of February 16, 1891.
At the same time I also translated his older sister's record of baptism. She was baptized exactly one week later than her birth in October 1882.
What I cannot undertand is if my grandfather was born the night (I do not know what three hours of the night means) of February 16 (I don't know what kind of weather they have in the Azores in February - snow?) - he was born in Agua Retorta and there is a church there. I cannot fathom how the godparents would take a baby one day old, probably by a donkey cart, to a church in Vila Franca do Campo many miles away to be baptized.
My grandfather's last name was Rezendes and Rezendes does not appear on either document - His father's names were given as Celestino Leandro on his sister's record and Celestino Mederios on his record.
Since the godparents could not read or write, do you think they gave the wrong information to the priest (they would not know what the priest wrote down) and that my grandfather was actually born on February 9 which would be exactly a week before February 16?
A copy of what I transcribed can be viewed at;
The scans of the original document can be clicked on at the top of the page. The words in bold print are what I am having a problem with. I would appreciate hearing from you and what you think about what I have written.
Thank you.
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Surnnames being researched: Cabeca, Pico Azores

Do you have any recommendations about research for the Azores. My wife's family (Cabeca) is from the Azores, I am not sure how to get started. I have gotten some birth, death and marriage info in New Bedford MA. Not sure how to make the connections in the islands.
Thanks for your help,
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Surnnames being researched: Uneito, Europe

My middle name is UNEITO as was my aunts - long since deceased. My question is is this a portugese name? I honestly believe I must be the only person left in the world with this name and it's becoming an obsession with me. My roots are in the north west of England (Liverpool/LeFylde area) - the latter coast having seen some shipwrecks, including some of the spanish/portugese mariners and I wonder if that could be where it came from I found your address on your web page which was listed on Cyndi's list. Thank you for any thoughts you may have.
-- NitaJones
In Historic Alexandria
Virginia, USA

Thank you for such a speedy reply ... I've got my direct line back to early 1800's (one or two siblings show up) but the only other I know of is my aunt. It does not seem to be a surname ... those are greenwood, charnock (distaf) lewtus(lewtis etc.), greene, blackmore - also distaf One of the family lore tales I heard somewhere was that there was an old sea dog in the family who married a Chilean girl ... but my chilean contacts say, not a chilean name/spelling. Genforum has a message board for the surname Nieto .. but I haven't looked at for a couple of years and when I did join, I got no responses.
It's just something that I periodically think of and start searching. Enjoy your trip and who knows, maybe in the new year, I'll hear of another one with my name :-)))
BTW the Western European vital records shows a marriage of a lady Chatelaine de Uneito marrying a gentleman in spain. That's the only instance I have seen. I did get one lady telling me it was Finnish - but somehow it doesn't seem so.

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_______________________________________________________________________________ Thanks again My name is Dan Hahn. I live in San Mateo, CA. I am just starting to trace my roots, which are ¼ Portuguese. My Dad’s Mother, Gladys, Was born in San Jose in 1908 (she is still alive.) Her maiden name is Candido, so who knows, we may be related! (Don’t know how common a name it is).


Surnnames being researched: Byfield was the Consul for Portugal in San Francisco in 1861

My name is Anthony Oertel and I live near San Francisco, CA. I am trying to find information about Augustus N. Byfield. Mr. Byfield was the Consul for Portugal in San Francisco in 1861.

_______________________________________________________________________________ Anyway, my Great Grandfather, Joseph Candido, was born in I believe 1861 in the Azores, but apparently my Grandmother says the Church burned down with all of the baptismal records. He came to the US around 1880. I can get birthyear, immigration date, and date of death, as well as his address in San Francisco, getting me Census records.
You have great knowledge, where do I go from here
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Dear sir, I am trying to find my great great grandfather who was born in Portugal and lived during the rein of D Miguel. His name was Joao Jose dos Santos Sedovem. Born I believe in Benfica , near Lisbon Portugal. He was the master rider of his time and tought the prince D. Miguel the art of classical riding in Portugal. Can you help me.
I am going to Portugal on the 26 of March and I will be visiting the local church in Bemfica for his birth and death certificates.
Thanking for your help.
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Surnnames being researched: Correia de Lima, Azores

I'm looking for information about my grandparents.
My grandfather, Jose Correia de Lima, came from Luz Graciosa to the U.S.A. and settled on the Central California coast at the end of the 19th century. My grandmother, Marianna Brebes (Breves), immigrated from Beira, Sao Jorge during the same time. They married in May 1905.
I'm also trying to find any information about one of my grandfather's brothers, Manuel Correia de Lima, who left Graciosa at about age 12 and immigrated to Brazil. No one in my family has any further information about him. A cousin who visited a friend in Brazil years ago said his friend knew Manuel's daughter, but that's all I know.
If anyone has information about Jose, Marianna, or Manuel, I would appreciate contact from you. Do you have any suggestions of who to contact on Graciosa or Sao Jorge for information?
Perhaps you know of people who lived in the villages of Luz and Pria on Graciosa and Beira on Sao Jorge during the same era.
I look forward to hearing from anyone with information.
Muito obrigado,
Greg Lima

We are trying to trace back the following lad but have no idea how or where to start... can u help
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Surnnames being researched: Innez Parrez(?)Portugal, New-Zealand

The Information we have is -
Innez Parrez a 13yo boy from Portugal was rescued by Joseph Hodgson in the Hauraki Gulf Auckland
"Innez" as he gave his name told of the miss treatment aboard a ship from the captain and crew. He and another boy jumped ship but the other boy drowned. This was in the 1850`s( no official date )
This information came from *references*
Waiheke pioneers / by Dixie Day.
Waiheke Island : a history / Paul Monin.
The way we were. Hauraki Gulf / text by Kirsten Warner.
His English was very poor so when he was not needed to work on the farm on Waiheke he sat in on the school lessons with the Hodgsons 10 children.
He later married Jane Hodgson 1861( his name now written as Innes Parris ) *we have a copy of this marriage certificate which he has signed and his age is stated as 21*

Children from this marriage -
Joseph walter Parris - B 1862
Edward (ted) Parris - B 1864
William (bill) Parris - B 1866
Annie Parris - B 1867
Marry Anne (poly) Parris - B 1869
Alice Parris - B 1870
Innes Parris Jnr - B 1873
Sarah jayne (sadie) Parris- B 1875
Elizabet (Lizzie) Parris - B 1877
Dolphe (Adolphus) Parris - B 1879
Thomas ( Tom) Parris - B 1881

*it may be nothing but Dolphe or Adolphus seems to stand out whether this may be an indication to someone we don't know.*
Jane Later died and he re married Bertha Everson of Sweden in 1887 (still living in New Zealand See notes bellow)
*His name appears as "Enis Parris" and stated as from Portugal on marriage certificate*

Next we have his death certificate.
Name as "Innes parris"
he died on 08 December 1924
Born - Unknown
Age - 87
Parents Unknown
age married - 23
length in New Zealand 70 Years
how did he get here?
In searching for "crew jumping ship " At this stage we have followed a boat called USS VINCENNES.
This boat was in Sydney Australia in 1853. On 26 December it registered 12 men deserting and then later before leaving Sydney 2 boys also doing the same.
A boy named Delvon age 13
And a Augusto Olivera a Portuguese boy aged 12 with little English He was never listed on crew muster , but was registered as deserter. ( This information is in hard copy but I do not currently have this in my possession names to be verified )
There is allot of information about the actual travels on this boat and interestingly the bad state of the crew and their treatment from their captain. But I have not located any online evidence of the above. This Of course raise another question how did he get from Sydney to Auckland Harbour.
He must got aboard yet another ship that came to new Zealand, remembering that at the time there were allot on convents in Australia which cant have been of interest
to a young boy. Maybe He heard about New Zealand, Maybe the ship once here was going to leave New Zealand and head back to Australia. In fear of not wanting to go back their jumped ship again. ( Just a theory)
And that's "if" this is him.

Other information we have is Innes and Jane farmed in the Rocky Bay area for a short time and then brought Cowes Bay which they owned from 1865 to 1906 and built the Hotel (about 1890) and also operated the Post Office there since 1886. The area became very popular and in the early 1900's became the site for the Auckland Anniversary regatta.
Paul Monan's book "Waiheke Island a History" has photo's of Cowes Bay with steamers tied end on end and against each other having carried the crowds from Auckland for a day of boat racing and family enjoyment. In January 1887 Innes marries Bertha Everson of Sweden. They remained at Cowes Bay and promoted the holiday resort in the New Zealand Herald 21 & 22 January 1896 as "The best holiday resort in the province" (also refer page 176 "Waiheke Island a History" by Paul Monin). Innes sold Cowes Bay 1906 little is known of him until becoming the publican at the Golconda Hotel Coromandel from 1912 to 1914. He died in Thames (his daughter Mary ann also lived there) 8 Dec 1924.
Can you help ?????


Surnnames being researched: Burns, Portugal

I have just found your website and should appreciate your advice. I have found a family member who was born in Portugal in the 19th century. The family name is BURNS. The birth was in the 19th century. I do not know where in Portugal he was born. I was very surprised (and pleased) at this discovery, because I did not know there was any family connection with Portugal. We are an English family. I think perhaps these family members may have been traders of some kind, living in Portugal at the time of the birth. I am trying to find out how to take this research further. Would it be possible to find this birth certificate? I have no way of finding out exactly where in Portugal he was born but possibly near a sea port. Are there any BMD records for Portugal available on the internet? I should be very grateful for your advice. Thank you

Hello Fernanado We were in contact via my Hotmail address but it keeps crashing, so I am now using this email address. Thank you very much for your reply. The person on whom I am seeking information: Peter BURNS - born Portugal 1783 - ?possibly near a port Wife: Elizabeth (possibly Elizabeth BIRCH) born 1773 - birthplace not known, possibly Portugal Had returned to England by about 1830 Occupation: Kept a Livery Stable in Liverpool, from about 1830-1855 Parents: Not known, but may have been merchants/traders in Portugal, or possibly connected with horses/transport. Peter seems to have connections with grocers/merchants in Liverpool. I am very interested in this connection with Portugal and would like to investigate further. I was very surprised to find that there was an overseas connection at this early date - Peter's parents must have arrived in Portugal prior to 1783. I have found other merchants living in Liverpool by 1851 - several are merchants. One is described as a "Merchant -Brazil Trade" - presumably that would be coffee imports. Unfortunately I do not have access to any Portuguese telephone directories but will continue trying to research this.I would appreciate any information. Hope to hear from you and thank you very much. Kind regards Pamela Wells Se tiver informação sobre a familia Burns de Portugal por favor envia um email >> Pamela _______________________________________________________________________

Surnnames being researched: COELHO, CARVALHO, da SILVA/D'SILVA and D'SOUZA.

I have the following names of ancestors who lived in India and am keen to be able to find their roots in Portugal.

Mariana Hertor Silveria CARVALHO b. 1773 d. 1813 m. 1796 Joào da SILVA he was a Merchant.

Agnita Susanna COELHO b. 1827 Quilon, Trivandrum, India d. 1874

Louis D'SOUZA b. 1860 Jubbalpore, India a Doctor married in 1895 in Cochin, India

Most of the family were in the Madras Presidency, especially in Trichur, Quilon, Trivandrum, Tellicherry, Calicut, Travancore, Kerela and Cochin.

Keen to hear from anyone with Portuguese Ancestry in India, especially pre-1948 with the names COELHO, CARVALHO, da SILVA/D'SILVA and D'SOUZA.

Linda ___________________________________________________________________________


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