Early Portuguese Immigrants in British Columbia - Peter Smith

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Peter Smith

He probably came in 1858 according to his son Pete Junior. He followed the Fraser River to Cariboo Country during the gold rush. He came back and built his house in 1860 in Stanley park. He was also named Portuguese Pete. His Portuguese name may have been Pedro. His son did not know his Portuguese name which seems to be strange. He was married to an Indian woman . Daughter of Shwuthchalton.

He was living in Stanley Park in the spring of 1867 with Joe Silva and Joe Fernandez. He had a daughter called Mary de Kosta she was married to a guy named Frank De Kosta. Peter Smith died around 1905.

He used the island to render blubber from the whales that he caught around the islands. discovervancouver.com

His wife was called Kenick and he lived with her family in Stanley Park.

At Fishermen's cove once stood a small thriving village of settlers. In the 1920's, squatter eviction trials were held. The inhabitants could stay only if they could prove their residence of 60 years or more. Many of the early pioneers were buried here. The lighthouse was built in 1916.