Early Portuguese Immigrants in British Columbia - John Norton

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John Norton was born in the Azores on the 4 Aug 1823. He settled the area north of the hospital in Salt Spring Islands. He had a farm there. (Salt Spring archives). He was married to Annie a black lady from San Francisco. Norton when he was 44, he was listed as a widow we may assume that his previous wife had died and he married Annie when she was only 18. See the list of his family members below.

H1/05/01 Norton, John, m, h, m, 4 Aug 1823, 77, POR, to Can: 1859, RC, Farmer. ……Rems: MR: John Norton, 44, r.SSI, b.Azores Is., wid, farmer, RC, s.o.Antonie & Marie mar Annie Robinson, 18, r.SSI, b.San Francisco, CA, USA, WM, d.o.Henry W. & Margaret, 8 Dec 1873, Cowichan District.
H1/05/02 Norton, Annie, f, wife, m, 24 Jul 1836, 64, USA, to Can: 1858, RC.
H1/05/03 Norton, John J., m, son, s, 23 Sep 1871, 29, BC, RC, Farmer.
H1/05/04 Norton, Dorothy, f, dau, s, 7 May 1879, 21, BC, RC.
H1/05/05 Norton, Walter N., m, son, s, 23 Sep 1880, 20, BC, RC.
H1/05/06 Norton, Albert A., m, son, s, 30 Apr 1882, 18, BC, RC.
H1/05/07 Norton, Elsie M., f, dau, s, 23 Sep 1886, 14, BC, RC.
H1/05/08 Norton, Robert P., m, son, s, 10 Jan 1889, 12, BC, RC.
H1/05/09 Norton, Maud B., f, dau, s, 26 May 1891, 9, BC, RC.
H1/05/10 Norton, Pearl V., f, dau, s, 27 Jun 1893, 7, BC, RC.
H1/05/11 Norton, Grace, f, dau, s, 17 Nov 1896, 4, BC, RC.
H1/05/12 Norton, Joseph, m, son, s, 3 Jul 1899, 1, BC, RC.

Victoria Cencus 1901 (source http://www.rootsweb.com/~canbc/1901vic_cen/divh1/divh1p04.htm)
Jan 13, Salt Spring Island, of consumption, Louisa, wife of John NORTON. She leaves a family of 3 small children. (from The Victoria Daily Standard, 1873, Death Notices) source http://www.rootsweb.com/~canbc/newspapers/vic_news_1873d.htm We may assume this was a wife of Jonh Norton the Portuguese men.

John Norton was also in court for the death of William Robinson. There was a book written about this case of an African American killed on the island. The book has been examined in detail. An Indian as convicted for the murder. A convicton widely debated and controversial. Some may seem to be pointing to John Norton as the potential murderer. (source http://chnm.gmu.edu/history/faculty/kelly/blogs/h100mt4/archives/cat_investigations.html)