Early Portuguese Immigrants in British Columbia - Joe Silvey (Silvia)

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Joseph Silva also known as Portuguese Joe Silvey He was living in Stanley Park in 1867. He married a woman called Khaltinhat grand-daughter of the chief Khiapilano.

Egmont, the northernmost settlement on the Sechelt Peninsula, was founded in 1880 by a legendary half-Scottish, half-Portuguese seaman and trader named Joseph Silvia Simmonds. He had worked for the Hudson's Bay Company, prospected in the Cariboo and built a saloon in Vancouver before arriving in Egmont where he married a Native woman, Lucy Kwatleematt. Simmonds later dropped his surname and used the name Silvey. His descendants still live in the Egmont area.

H1/11/26 Sylvia, Domingo, m, h, m, 17 Apr 1874, 27, BC, RC, Fisherman.
H1/11/27 Sylvia, Josaphine, f, wife, m, 28 Dec 1879, 21, BC, RC.
H1/11/28 Sylvia, Joseph, m, son, s, 2 Jun 1897, 3, BC, RC.
H1/11/29 Sylvia, John, m, son, s, 9 Nov 1898, 2, BC, RC.
Reed Island H1/11/30 Sylvia, Joseph, m, h, m, 16 Mar 1820, 80, POR, to Can: 1860, RC, Fisherman. H1/11/31 Sylvia, Mary, f, wife, m, 11 Jan 1825, 75, BC, RC.
H1/11/32 Sylvia, Antoney, m, son, s, 10 Apr 1884, 17, BC, RC.
H1/11/33 Sylvia, Manuel, m, son, s, 1 Mar 1887, 14, BC, RC.
H1/11/34 Sylvia, Henry, m, son, s, 23 Jan 1890, 11, BC, RC.
H1/11/35 Sylvia, Rosalia, f, dau, s, 2 Feb 1892, 9, BC, RC.