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By T. Nadeau RN

There are many reasons for concern about the number of preterm and low birth weight infants in Canada. In the article, The Cost of Prematurity, the author indicates that the cost of hospital care in the United States for newborns was more than $ 10 billion dollars in 2003 ... (Read more) The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene in Pregnancy

This is a prenatal game to test your knowledge. It is a true or false test. All the answers are given at the bottom. Prenatal Game

This is an article on the benefits of defibrillation. The author backs her study with statistics. Automated External Defibrillator

Many young nurses are quitting the program even before finishing their studies. What can we do to remediate the situation and keep her nurses? The author looks what we need to do. Fun in Nursing

Self scheduling is rarely used even though many benefits have been expressed by staff that use this type of scheduling. Rotations and shift work is one of the major frustrations nurses have with their jobs... Read more on Self Scheduling in Nursing

Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that affects mainly people who are obese or seniors. There are support groups to help you cope with the disease. Know more about this disease. Ostheoarthritis

There are many dangers to be overweight both seen and unseen. Learn more. Obesity

If a nurse manager wants to implement change it is important to analyze the values and trends of the work environment. Organizational Culture in Nursing

More and more workers are getting sick working in buildings. Find out some of the causes. Sick Building Syndrome

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