Cartes des Iles Tuamotu - Maps of the Tuamotu Islands
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Location of the islands in the world map.
Emplacement de l'archipel de Tuamotu sur le globe terrestre.

  • Tuamotu (Tahiti interactive map)

  • Tuamotu
    You can click on an atoll to go to that page

  • Tuamotu
    This maps include the distances between the Arcipelago of Tuamotu and North and South America, Japan and Australia

    Location of the islands of Tuamotu in French Polynesia
    Location des iles de Tuamotu en Polynesie Française

  • Tuamotu
    In this map you can see all the other Archipelagos (Marquises, Société, Tubai, Gambier)

    General maps of the Tuamotu Islands
    Cartes Générales des iles Tuamotu

  • Tuamotu Islands
    Archipel des Tuamotu

  • Tuamotu
    Interactive map with accomodation

    Individual maps of each Tuamotu Islands
    Cartes individuelles des iles de l'arhipel Tuamotu

  • Ahe Atoll

  • Ahe
    Aérodrome, Motu, récif corallien, villages and main roads are included

  • Anaa Atoll
    small map

  • Arutua Atoll
    Cet atoll a une lagoon de plus de 30 km de diametre

  • Arutua
    Carte en français de Arutua

  • Arutua

  • Fakarava
    Anchorages, reefs and additional dive sites are included.

  • Fakareva
    Aerodrome, Motu, recif corallien, villages and main roads are included

  • Hao Atoll
    Carte en français theme (paradis de la plongée)

  • Hao
    On peut aussi voir Amanu

  • Kaukura
    Kaukura la plus méridionale des îles Palliser

  • Kaukura
    Carte et information en français

  • Makatea
    Historical Map 1930

  • Makatea
    Makatea l'île des phosphates des Tuamotu

  • Manihi Atoll
    Blue Nui dive centers - carte et information

  • Manihi
    All points of interest

  • Manihi
    Manihi l'atoll des perles

  • Mataiva
    Carte en français

  • Moruroa Atoll

  • Mururoa
    Detailed map with legend

  • Nukutavake

  • Puka Puka Atoll

  • PukaPuka
    Old map

  • Rangiroa Atoll
    You can also see the islands of Mahitu, Teavoro, Otepipi, Tivaru, Motu Lore you can also see the locations of Dream Dive, Haumana Cruises, Pension Bounty, TOPdive Rangiroa

  • Rangiroa

  • Rangiroa
    Hotels and Resorts

  • Rangiroa
    (Carte en français) le plus grand atoll des Tuamotu (82 km de long et de 5 à 33 km de large)

  • Tikehau
    You can also see the islnds of Motu Teavatia, Motu Ohihi, Motu Tavania, Motu Tohonu, Motu Kahai, Motu Tuherahera

  • Tikehau
    Tikehau is the prime example of how man and nature can live in perfect harmony. The beaches surrounding the lagoon ... Read more

  • Tikehau
    Major points of interest, towns, passes, dive sites are indicated.

  • Takarao Atoll
    Atoll de Takaroa (archipel des Tuamotu - Polynésie française).

    Aerodrome, Motu, récif corallien are included

  • Takapoto
    Aérodome en vue