Maps of Trinidad and Tobago - Mapas de Trinidad Tobago
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Location of the islands in the world map (North and South America)

Trinidad and Tobago

Location of the islands of Trinidad Tobago in the Caribean

Carabean countries
Old historical map of Trinidad and Tobago

General maps of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad And Tobago Political Map

Indidividual maps of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago

Major islands

One of the best maps showing beaches, hotels, restaurants scenic spots and more. You can order the map.

Tobago Beaches

Tobago Dive sites

Tobago dive sites
Interactive map

One of the most detailed about the island

This map has an extensive list of sites and activities including: bays, points and cafe bars

Bocas Islands

The Bocas Islands are located between Trinidad and Venezuela, in the Bocas del Dragón (Dragons' Mouth). Locally they are referred to as "Down the Islands".

Chagaramas area map

Chaguaramas Interactive Map - Areas in Chaguaramas

  • Chacachacare interactive map and information

  • Monos interactive map and information

  • Huevos interactive map and information

  • Gaspar Grande interactive map and information
  • Gasparillo (Little Gasparee or Centipede Island)
    Location of Gasparillo can be seen click on the island to get info click here.

    Five Islands

    The Five Islands are a group of actually six small islands lying west of Port of Spain in the Gulf of Paria. Also known as Las Cotorras.

  • Caledonia Island
  • Craig Island (Craig and Caledonia are joined by a narrow reef)
  • Lenagan Island
  • Nelson Island
  • Pelican Island
  • Rock Island

    San Diego Islands

    Sometimes referred to simply as the Diego Islands, these two islets lie between the Bocas Islands and the Five Islands.

  • Cronstadt (Kronstadt)
    Can be seen on this map

  • Carrera (a prison island)
    Can be seen on this map

    Others in the Gulf of Paria

  • Farallon (Flat Rock), in San Fernando Harbour Soldado Rock

    North Coast of Trinidad

  • Saut d'Eau
    Can be seen on this map: Northwest coast of the Island

    Off Tobago

  • Little Tobago (Bird of Paradise Island)
    East coast

  • Brother's
    North coast

  • St. Giles Island
    East coast

  • Goat Island
    East coast by Giles Island

  • London Bridge Rock
    North coast

  • Queen's Island
    South east

  • Richmond Island
    South east

  • Smiths Island
    South central

  • Sisters' Rock
    North coast