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Mapa Geral -General Map of São Tomé e Príncipe

Location of the islands

Map of - Mapa de - Carte de- Ilha de São Tomé

Map of - Mapa de Carta de- São Tome e Principe

Map of - Mapa de - Carte de- Ilha de Principe

Facts about São Tome and Principe

Capital: São Tome Location: Group of islands located in the Atlantique, in the Gulf of Guinea by the west coast of Africa . Size 964 km2 Language spoken: Portuguese (official) History: Discovered in 1471 and became Portuguese possession. Became independent in 1975. *** Above, source used Petit Larousse Population: 2006 - Estimation- 177 000 Highest peak: Pico de São Tome Chief products: Bananas, cocoa, coconut, coffee, copra, livestock
Source World Book 2006

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