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Cities / Municipalities /Population /Established in

Albufeira--------Albufeira -------- 16,237 ------ 20 August 1986

Interactive map covering the whole county of Albufeira
Our Algarve county interactive map is an excellent tool to locate every location you might need or want to visit during your stay in Albufeira. It covers the whole county in details and facilitates the tourist to find his way around and even discover the location of every beach in Albufeira.

Albufeira Interactive map
Use our first highly interactive map showing the main areas of Albufeira City between the new Marina and Santa Eulalia area. Detailed and named map showing Albufeira beaches, Old Town streets, 'The Strip', Montechoro, Areias de S. Joao, Praia da Oura, Caliços,...

Albufeira map (portugal-

Albufeira (

Albufeira camping map

Albufeira hotel map
The following hotels are indicated:1.Sol e mar (Barata Hotels) 2. Boa Vista Hotel & Spa 3. Apartamentos Regina 4. Rocamar Beach Hotel 5. Residencial Vila Recife (Barata Hotels) 6. Colina do Mar 7. Hotel da Gale 8. Residencial Mar A Vista (Barata Hotels)

Algarve map showing the city of Albufeira

Downtown map
Shows the location of Modelo supermarket
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Albufeira map
The map of Albufeira below shows location of Matt & Andrea's Apartments in relation to the sea and other parts of Albufeira and the sea..

Another great interactive map of Albufeira
Popular Albufeira hotels, httractions, & restaurants

Mapa interactivo em portugues (Portuguese)

Como chegar a albufeira - Viajar Clix

Albufeira map showing main roads

Source: Wikipedia (Cities / Municipalities /Population /Established in) The population data was taken from the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities and is from 2004. Except the city of Figueira da Foz