Cartes des Iles Pitcairn - Maps of the Pitcairn Islands
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Location of the islands in the world map

Pitcairn Locaton in the world map

Location of the islands in Oceania

Location of Pitcairn Islands in Oceania

Another map of Pitcairn in Oceania
Very detailed it also shows all the other archipelagos in the region

General maps of the Archipelago of Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn Archipelago

Individual maps of Pitcairn Islands (Ducie, Henderson, Oeno)

Carte de l'ile de Pitcairn (en francais)


Very detailed map. You can see the tiny islands of Young's Rock and Adam's Rock

On this map you can see the islands of Six Feet, Adam's Rock, Nancy's Stone and Young's Rock

Pitcairn island
Most detailed map of the island unfortunately some names are hard to read.

Pitcairn Island Historical map
Historic Maps Pitcairns Island. by Hawkesworth, John, 1715?-1773; Carteret, Philip, d. 1796 from 1773

Historical drawing of Pitcairn Island

Old map
It shows the cliff line, the dirt roads, the Christian cave, dry washes and off shore rocks.

Oeno Island
In this map you can see the lagoon, the boat passages, NorthEast Point and Sandy Island. There is also the sattelite picture of the island

Henderson Island
Learn about the history, geography, flora and fauna (and some more) by Ian Macyntire

Henderson Island
You can ee the location of the caves West End, Coconut Grove Shelter and Cave and Lone Frigate Cave.

Ducie Atoll

Islands adjacent to Pitcairn:Oeno, Ducie and Henderson. It also shows the height of the islands.

Location of Ducie Island in the Paitcairn Archipelago. There is also a small map you can see the islands of Acadia, Westward, Edwards and Pandora