Cartes des Barbades - Maps of Barbados
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Facts about Barbados

Capital: Bridgetown (pop 60 000) Location: Caribbean Size: 431 Languages spoken: English History: First inhabitants: Probably the Arawak Indians First Europeans: British Sailors at the site of Holetown about 1620. Population: 2006 - Estimation 279,912 Government: Parliamentary democracy, independant state within the Commonwealth Natural resources Petroleum, fish, quarrying, natural gas, (Source: Countries of the World)

Location of the islands in the world map

Barbados in the world map

Location of the islands in the Caribean

Location of Barbados with view of Central America
Pirates of the Caribbean Map

Barbados and the other Caribbean Islands
Lesser Antilles

Another Caribbean map

Main Islands of the Caribbeans

Tourist Map

Road map with main highways

Barbados tourist map
Excellent all around map.Restaurants, shops, tourist informaton, historic sites, places of interest, archeological recovery programs. Very detailed road map.

Map showing the main attractions of the island

Historical Map

Old historical map in french

Old map showing parishes borders

Political Map

New map showing the parishes

Variety of Maps

Map of Bridgetown
St-Lawrence Gap
Map of Holetown
Holetown area coast
Blank map

Coral Reefs of Barbados