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Canada's health department wants to encourage and assist anyone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes (tobacco). There is a variety of methods and programs available. If you really want to quit, it is very likely that you will find something that will meet your needs.

There are two general methods of quitting smoking. Some people choose to go Cold Turkey: they make the decision to quit and that's it they don't smoke anymore. This is a very difficult way and you need to have determination. Successes and failures have occurred.

The second method of quitting smoking tobacco is smoking reduction. Under this method there are many ways that you can achieve your goal of being smoke free. You can try to space out the time between your cigarettes and increase the time span gradually. Put off that first cigarette of the day that you would normally smoke, purposely leave out some of them. If you smoke after every meal, only smoke for two meals then leave out two cigarettes and after a time do not smoke after meals.

There a few other methods that are available in Canada, as in most other countries. Many opt for self help. They turn to books, videos, pamphlets, and audio tapes. They may also turn to websites, such as those for herbal smoking, and computer guided programs. Individual Advice and Counseling is used by others. They will turn to friends, family, or interactive programs on the computer. They may search for websites that will help them as well.

Still others will turn to professionals. They will turn to doctors, nurses, and even hypnotists. Telephone contact programs where the client is called periodically to see how they are doing. The professionals/counselors also advise someone about available services and programs for quitting. They talk to a counselor periodically and after the person quits there is a series of after care calls to check where the individual is in their battle over smoking tobacco; whether they are still not smoking or if they have relapsed.

There is intensive counseling wherein a client may have access to a smoking or addiction clinic. They benefit from the frequency of sessions. This method is very beneficial to those who are highly addicted or those who have other health conditions or addictions.

Support group programs set up groups of 4 to 12 people who are trying to quit. They meet and share with others what is working or not working for them at the moment. Some groups have trained facilitators or counselors to direct the program.

There is still another method available to people that is perfectly legal in Canada, the United States and many other countries. It is the practice of smoking herbs. This has been around for centuries. Ancient tribes and Shaman used it for relaxation, to achieve an altered level of consciousness, and to induce a meditative state that is sometimes so intense that the person experiences 'visions'. Herbs and herbal blends have been used to treat everything from Asthma to Zits (pimples).

There are specific blends designed to help rid the body of all toxins, taking away their cravings for tobacco. The herbs and blends from one company that has been found online and can be viewed below, guarantee that their products are 100% pure herbs. They have no additives, preservatives or illegal ingredients. They will help you to put together either the blend or individual herbs that will best suit your needs.

The benefits of not smoking far outweigh the risks both health wise and legally. Herbal smoke is an all natural product that can help you quit smoking. They can also help you to relax your mind, raise you mood, and achieve a higher level of awareness. It is also a viable alternative (not substitute) for tobacco and marijuana.

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