Light Weight Camping/Adventure Food By Donald Vanderlugt


Before venturing upon your next great adventure into the wilds you may wish to do some organizing and testing/research and find some tasty lightweight foods to take along to keep the weight down to a minimum ,whether you are planning a canoeing/kayaking or bike hike or just a trek to your favourite special place , there is no need to carry unneeded excess weight and packaging.

There are plenty of options available and before deciding upon certain types it is best to try the tastes as some lightweight foods can be very ordinary in taste especially in bulk amounts,a little bit is ok but too much can be ………yuk! So taste and try before you decide to take these foods along,otherwise this is a good food source to have on-the-go without cooking or even as a snack in the boat or on top of that mountain.

Dehydrated foods have been around for a long time and can be easily found in the local supermarket ; things like carrots,peas,beans,potatoes; you could even have some in your cupboard at home.

Versatile dried fruits are my favourites,such as,raisins,dates,apricots,sultanas,and dried apples are the perfect snack.

Nuts are great ; almonds,peanuts and best of all cashews.

Beef jerky is really yum and addictive and you can get a hot variety as well.So make sure you have plenty of water handy if you decide you want to burn your face off !

Noodles are an old favourite although the styrene containers are a worry to dispose of in the middle of nowhere,because you cannot just leave this rubbish behind anywhere.

Powdered milk is an aquired taste for that caffeine hit or cup of tea; although if weight is not a problem, long life milk is handy and comes in skim as well. Powdered orange and sports drinks can add a change too.

Freeze dried foods can be helpful and could be freeze dried chicken , lasagna , corn and pasta and come in good sturdy packaging.

Health food shops stock a massive selection of dried foods and muesli bars and other interesting bars of peanuts/nuts/honey/carob etc;that pack well in your backpack.

Specialty items are more difficult to find at particular stockists that carry army type foods like dried eggs and things that are designed to last a long time and take little space and can get wet if a canoe/camping adventure is planned.

Storage of these items is very important and sturdy good quality re-sealable plastic bags are ideal as they can be recycled and used again and will keep the rubbish to an absolute minimum; the food can be sorted into day lots or groups and a master bag can keep them together and catch any possible spillage.Plastic bags can be packed into nooks and crannies to maximise space with no hard or sharp edges to worry about in your backpack.Before packing ;get rid of any surplus packaging so you don’t carry rubbish all over the countryside Hoping you can find this article of use and happy camping!.

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