Caving in Alberta
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Caves of Alberta

  • Ice Cave (Bragg Creek)
  • Rats Nest Cave in Canmore
  • Cave and Basin in Banff
  • Hole in the Wall Cave in Banff
  • Hole in the wll link2
  • Gargantua Cave
  • Castleguard Cave
  • link 2
  • Arctomys Cave
  • link 2
  • Yorkshire Pot

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    Cadomin Cave

    I visited this amazing cave near Edson, Alberta, Canada on two occasions. The cave is located at 1870 meters of altitude. In order to get there, you need to hike for about an hour. The trail is well traveled and easy to follow but in some places it can get very steep. There is a sign outside that mentions before going into the cave that one should urinate and defecate ( poo ). It's not pleasant to smell your body fluids and solids while in the cave or crawl on top of it. Once you are in the cave you need to be well prepared. There are many large boulders to step over. It is advisable to carry a few flashlights with you. The second time I was there my wife's cheap flashlight that I bought at Canadian Tire lasted only an hour. It was great that I had an extra one. Bring headlights because you need you hands to help you climb or descend. It can get pretty slippery in some places so bring good footwear, proper for the conditions. Also make sure you wear some coveralls as it gets pretty muddy. Basically you need all necessary caving equipment. We did not need ropes but we did not visit the whole cave either. The Cave has some very interesting halls where you can stop for lunch. Do not leave any garbage inside. My favorite place in the cave (sorry I forgot the name) was a narrow passage where you had to walk between two walls about one foot a part for a distance of thirty feet. It was not a great place to be if you are claustrophobic. There are many passages that you can crawl on your stomach but be careful you can get easily disoriented. I would like to thank Ian Mckerracker from Edmonton who has introduced myself and many others to the joys of spelunking in Alberta. He is a great Christian man.

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    Hoodoo Cave

    Hoodoo cave is located west of Nordegg. It is hard to find where the trail starts because there is no official parking lot. To get to the cave, you need to walk about 3 kilometers along the Hoodoo Creek. Along the way you can also see some spectacular hoodoos. The trail is very interesting because it follows the creek and you can observe some rapids. You still need to be careful in certain places since it can be steep. Although, those steep ledges can be avoided by choosing safer routes. We did the trail with my five and eight year old daughters and they handled it pretty well. In fact, they really enjoyed themselves. The cave is located in the East side of the creek almost on top of the mountain. We did not visit the entire cave but there are two main entrances. One is easy to reach and the other entrance, which is quite large, has a chimney inside. When we went there in 2003 somebody had to put a tree to be used as a kind of ladder but even then it became too dangerous without the proper climbing equipment. So we decided to go into the smaller opening; it seems the tunnels are not really long but kids find a lot of tunnels where they can climb and crawl. This was indeed a fun activity for the whole family.

    Rat's Nest Cave

    Rat's Nest Cave is located in Canmore near Banff, Alberta, Canada. The cave is four kilometers long. You can hire a local guide from Canmore Caverns Limited to enjoy a truly great caving experience. Visit my webpage to learn more about the Rats Nest Cave; many pictures are also included.

    Wapiabi Cave

    Wapiabi Cave is located near Nordegg. The trail to get to the cave is more difficult. I do not recommend it for young children. The cave is also longer and more challenging. Guide services are provided in Nordegg if you are afraid to get lost. It is possible to get disoriented if you are self-guided so be prepared. See my story and my pictures of the Wapiabi Cave.


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